How Do I Know If I Need New Tyres?

With the Christmas holidays right around the corner, there has never been a more important time to check the condition of your tyres – especially before a long road trip. With many tyre shops closed over the Christmas break, get in early and beat the last minute rush!

Check Your Tread Depth

The minimum tread depth on all tyres on NSW roads is 1.5mm across the width of the tread. Tread Wear Indicators (TWI) are moulded into the tread grooves in multiple areas on the tyre. If your tyres are flat with any of these indicators,  your tread is less than 1.5mm risk a $114 fine for every bald tyre. Driving with bald tyres also puts you and your passengers at risk, along with other drivers on the road.

A general rule of tyre replacement is below:

Passenger Tyre Tread Depth Key
Good >6mm
Monitor 4-5mm
Replace Urgently <3mm


Check the Age of Your Tyres – (Including Your Spare!)

Tyres, like all rubber based products have an expiry date.

To find the age of your tyres, find the four consecutive numbers that are printed on the outside wall of the tyre (as shown above). The first two numbers represent the week of the year (max 52) and the last two numbers represent the year. In this scenario, these tyres were manufactured on the 9th week of 2007.

Old tyres can be extremely dangerous, reducing stopping distance, increasing chances of aquaplaning and blowouts. If your tyres are over 5 years old, Valley Tyres recommend getting your tyres checked regularly by a professional. 

If you know you need new tyres, browse our passenger and 4WD range now!

Valley Tyres will be open over the Christmas/New Year period in 2019! (Excluding public holidays and Sundays)