Where Do My Used Tyres Go?

In Australia, approximately 50 million passenger tyres per year reach the end of their life. It is estimated that only 5 percent are recycled through local businesses, 40 percent are exported for recycling or energy recovery, and the other 55 percent are landfilled, illegally dumped or lost (Waste Management Review, 2016).

Why recycle tyres?

  • Illegally dumped tyres can cause a breeding ground for mosquitos and mosquito carrying diseases, such as Dengue Fever.
  • Tyres are extremely combustible. Illegally stockpiled tyres in dangerous areas pose a fire risk to our Australia’s precious flora and fauna.
  • Tyre fires cause extreme health and environmental risks. Smoke from tyre fires includes sulphur, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – all toxic pollutants.

What do my used tyres become?

Recycled tyre rubber is very valuable to many different industries. This may include;

  • building insulation
  • road surfaces
  • fuel for energy recovery
  • door mats
  • playground surfaces
  • tile adhesives
  • new tyres

What does Valley Tyres do with my used tyres?

100% of our used tyres are locally recycled or repurposed. Valley Tyres supports Australian owned tyre recyclers, who recycle tyres ethically to create reusable rubbers. Valley Tyres also support numerous truck tyre re-treaders in NSW, which benefits the Australian tyre industry, rather than promoting importation.

Valley Tyres may charge a small recycling fee to ensure that your tyres are disposed correctly. Together, we can ensure that our environmental impact is minimal when it comes to our tyre consumption.

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