3 Signs Your Car Battery Needs To Be Replaced

There’s nothing worse than your car not starting in the morning when you’re already running late for work. Replacing your car battery is easy and can save you a lot of heartache!

How Long Does A New Car Battery Last?

A modern battery usually has a life of 2-5 years depending on usage. A car battery should be replaced as per your service logbook, although if you are experiencing any of these 3 signs, you likely need a new battery.

1. Slow starting engine

If your engine is taking longer than usual to start, a dying battery is usually to blame. Over time, the components inside your battery wear out and become less effective.

2. Dimming lights and other electrical problems

If your lights fluctuate from bright to dim, your battery may need replacing. This can be extremely dangerous, especially when using headlights of a night time. If you are having these electrical issues, there is a high chance your car wont be starting again once you turn it off!

3. Corroded terminals

Inspect your battery for any corrosion around the terminals. Over time, batteries build up corrosion and affect voltage output and input. This restricts the voltage from your battery and can cause trouble starting your vehicle. This can be cleaned, although battery corrosion is usually a sign of an old battery that should be replaced.

Need a new battery?

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