Vantra LT RA18

    Improved durability and internal anti abrasion qualities

    A summer radial tyre for commercial vans and transport vehicles, the Vantra LT provides excellent durability, increased mileage as well as excellent wet performance and a balanced footprint. Even under heavy loads, stability is maintained, increasing driver safety.

    Size Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip External Rolling Noise Load Speed
    155R12 F C 70 86P
    155R13 F C 70 88R
    165R14 E C 70 95Q
    185R14 X X X 100R
    195/70R15 X X X 102R
    195/75R16 E C 70 108R
    195R14 X X X 104R
    195R15 E C 70 104R
    205/65R16 E C 69 105T
    205/70R15 C B 70 104R
    205/75R14 E C 70 107R
    215/65R16 X X X 107R
    215/70R15 X X X 107S
    215/75R16 X X X 114R
    225/70R15 E C 70 110S
    225/75R16 C C 70 120R