Prime 2 K115

    Improved driving performance with a smoother ride through cutting edge technology

    Ventus Prime2’s cutting edge technology provides passengers with exceptional wet and dry grip.

    Size Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip External Rolling Noise Load Speed
    UHP195/55R16 C C 69 87V
    UHP195/55RF16 F C 69 87V
    UHP205/55R16 C C 69 91W
    UHP205/55RF16 F C 69 91W
    UHP215/40R18 E C 70 85V
    UHP215/45R17 C E 70 87H
    UHP215/50R17 E B 70 95V
    UHP225/40R18 E C 70 88V
    UHP225/45R17 C E 70 91V
    UHP225/45R18 E B 71 95V
    UHP225/55R17 E B 71 97W
    UHP235/45R18 C C 71 94V
    UHP235/55R19 E B 71 101H
    235/60R18 C B 71 103H
    235/65R17 C B 70 104H
    UHP245/45R18 E B 71 96W
    UHP255/45R18 C C 71 103W