Optimo K415

    A smooth summer tyre that guarantees comfortable rides under any driving conditions

    A summer tyre for small and medium-sized vehicles, the Optimo K415 allows you to drive wet roads in greater comfort and safety with specially designed patterns and HSG technology applied.

    Size Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip External Rolling Noise Load Speed
    175/65R14 X X X 82H
    185/60R15 C C 70 88H
    185/65R15 X X X 88H
    UHP195/50R16 E C 69 84H
    195/55R15 X X X 85H
    195/60R14 X X X 86H
    195/65R14 X X X 89H
    195/65R15 E C 71 91H
    UHP205/45R16 X X X 87H
    UHP205/55R16 E C 69 94H
    205/60R15 X X X 91H
    205/60R16 E C 70 92V
    205/65R15 X X X 99H
    UHP215/55R17 C E 68 94V
    215/65R16 X X X 98H
    UHP225/45R17 E C 70 91V
    UHP225/45R18 E C 70 91V
    225/60R15 X X X 96V
    225/60R17 C C 70 99H
    UHP235/50R19 C C 71 99H