Optimo H426

    The premium all-season tyre: satisfies the strict performance requirements of automakers

    A star product acknowledged by many automakers, the Optimo H426 is outstanding in all aspects including quiet driving, smooth ride, grip, improved fuel economy and snow performance.

    Size Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip External Rolling Noise Load Speed
    175/60R14 X X X 83H
    185/65R14 X X X 86H
    UHP205/50R16 X X X 87V
    205/65R16 X X X 95H
    UHP215/45R17 X X X 91V
    UHP215/50R17 X X X 95V
    UHP215/55R16 X X X 97H
    215/60R16 X X X 95V
    215/65R15 X X X 96H
    UHP225/50R16 X X X 92V
    UHP225/50R17 X X X 94V
    UHP225/55R16 X X X 95H
    UHP225/55R18 X X X 98H
    UHP225/55R19 X X X 99H
    225/60R16 X X X 98H
    UHP235/55R18 E E 71 100H
    P185/60R14 X X X 82H
    P215/60R15 X X X 93H
    UHPP225/55R17 X X X 95V
    UHPP255/50R20 E E 70 104H