Dynapro HP2 RA33

    High-performance tyre for luxury SUVs

    A high-performance tyre for premium SUVs. The Dynapro HP2 meets all the conditions required for premium SUVs including excellent wet performance, low noise, rolling resistance and excellent mileage.

    Size Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip External Rolling Noise Load Speed
    215/70R15 X X X 98H
    215/70R16 X X X 100H
    225/60R17 X X X 99H
    225/65R17 X X X 102H
    225/70R16 X X X 103H
    UHP235/55R18 C B 70 100V
    UHP235/55R19 X X X 101V
    235/60R16 X X X 100H
    235/60R18 X X X 107V
    235/65R18 X X X 106H
    235/70R16 X X X 106H
    UHP245/50R20 X X X 102V
    UHP245/55R19 X X X 103H
    245/60R18 X X X 105H
    245/65R17 X X X 111H
    245/70R16 X X X 111H
    UHP255/50R20 C E 69 109V
    UHP255/55R18 X X X 109V
    UHP255/55R19 B B 70 111V
    255/60R17 X X X 106V
    255/60R18 X X X 112V
    255/65R16 X X X 109H
    265/60R18 X X X 110V
    265/65R17 X X X 112H
    265/70R15 X X X 112H
    265/70R16 X X X 112H
    275/65R17 C B 72 115H
    275/70R16 C B 70 114H
    285/65R17 X X X 116H