Dynapro AT-m RF10

    For aggressive all-terrain driving

    The best on/off-road tyre for 4×4 vehicles, the Dynapro AT-m employs a tough pattern design and block structure to overcome any road.

    Size Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip External Rolling Noise Load Speed
    205R16 X X X 108R
    235/60R16 E E 71 100T
    235/65R17 X X X 104T
    235/75R15 X X X 109T
    245/65R17 - - - 111T
    UHP255/55R19 E E 73 111H
    255/70R15 X X X 110L
    255/70R16 E E 72 111T
    265/60R18 X X X 114T
    265/65R17 E E 72 112T
    265/70R16 - - - 112T
    30X9.50R15 F F 72 104R
    31X10.50R15 F F 72 109R
    33X12.50R15 F F 72 108R
    LT215/75R15 F F 72 97S
    LT225/75R16 F F 72 112S
    LT235/85R16 E F 72 116R
    LT245/70R17 X X X 116R
    LT245/75R16 - - - 116S
    LT265/65R17 X X X 117S
    LT265/70R16 E F 72 114R
    LT265/70R17 E F 72 118S
    LT265/75R16 X X X 120R
    LT275/65R18 X X X 120S
    LT275/70R16 X X X 109R
    LT285/70R17 X X X 118S
    LT285/75R16 E C 73 123R
    P235/70R16 - - - 107T
    P245/70R16 - - - 111T