The Aeolus AE48 radial features an aggressive tread design to provide exceptional traction while maintaining good flotation characteristics. The AE48’s enhanced rubber compound offers excellent wear and improved resistance to punctures. The AE48 is designed for use on dump trucks.


    • Rigid Dump Trucks
    Size Star Rating TRA Code Standard rim Section wid. (mm) Overall dia. (mm) Min. Load 10km/h (kg) Max. Load 50km/h (kg) Min. Pressure 10km/h (kPa) Max. Pressure 50km/h (kPa) Min. LI/SS 10km/h Max. LI/SS 50km/h Tread depth (mm) Valve type Max Speed TKPH
    18.00R33 TL 2 E-4 13.00/2.5 502 1858 18500 10900 800 650 209A2 191B 55.5 HZ01 B 28 244